About us
The Umrao Institute of Medical Science & Research was set up in 1990, with the objects of:

1. To create a state-of-the-art healthcare facility.
2. To provide medical assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged people.
3. To provide facility, support, training to medical students.
4. To arrange discussions, seminars, conventions etc in the field of medical education to facilitate free flow of knowledge
5. To invite renowned Professors / Clinicians in the field of Medical Science from overseas to India for sharing their rich knowledge
     and expertise.
6. To provide scholarships and aids to students for pursuing medical studies.

1.   Mr S Nazar Hussain           ( Click here About Chairman )
2.   Mrs Noorjahan Begum Sayed
3.   Mr S Muzaffar Hussain
4.   Mrs Ansari Azra M Hussain
4.   Mr Mazhar M Hussain

Governing Council: click here

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